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Magic Cleaning Endoscope

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Itching and pain in your ears?
Clean them properly with this cleaning endoscope.

Wax is your body’s way of cleaning dead skin cells and dirt out of your ears, but too much of it can make them itch.

Don’t be tempted to try to remove the buildup with a cotton swab. That pushes the wax deeper inside, where it can get stuck.

Signs of earwax buildup include sudden or partial hearing loss, which is usually temporary, tinnitus, which is a ringing or buzzing in the ear, a feeling of fullness in the ear and/or an earache.


Multifunctional USB Cleaning Endoscope

Connect the earpick to the endoscope to remove the earwax and connect the USB with your phone or computer, you can see the clearly inside your ear canal easily on the app thanks to the built-in inspection camera.  Plus, you can adjust the LED light to improve the image quality in the dark place.



Multifunctional endoscope
Easy to view thank to the HD pixels
Connect through a USB cable.


Display your inner ear clearly

Designed with a waterproof HD camera, you can clean your ear with one hand operation and inspect the canal conditions displayed on the portable monitor through the photoelectric signal transmission.

Give light to your ear canal

Adjustable LED light enables you to see in hard to reach parts, improving the image quality in the darkness.


  • Easy to use
  • Practical
  • Waterproof

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