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You're hot, sweating, out of breath -- you pull out your water bottle and it's almost empty. You have a choice to make, and neither option is great. Either I drink these few gulps and endure the stinging sweat and exhaustive heat, or I hold this bottle over my head, turn it upside down, and alleviate my general misery but deprive myself of the hydration my body desperately needs. You weigh the options, make a split-second decision, then suffer the consequences, wishing there was a better way...

That's where we come in.
We don't think you should have to choose between your health and your comfort. With our Splashing bottle, you can enjoy a cooling mist and a refreshing drink, all in one package. 

Catch You Outside!


  • Extra spray function, can be used in the process of sports to cooling or filling water for your body, capacity with 400(600)ml, provide adequate water for you after doing exercises excessively and frantically
  • Can protect the water from the dust and dirt, portable and suitable for outdoor sports, scale on the body, convenient for you to monitor if you drink enough water every day
  • Rugged, safe and reliable, easy to insurance, you can choose according to personal preferences of different colors, refreshing color, give you a cool feeling at first
  • Suitable for most car cup holder and bike bottle cages. Perfect for adults and children.


  • Material: Food-grade PP+PC
  • Size:7x26cm(2.87"x10.23") / 7x17cm(2.87"x6.69")
  • Capacity: 600ml / 400ml
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink


  • 1 x Splashing bottle

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